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Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

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Right Domain Name

On the internet, your domain name is your identity. Your customers find you on the internet through your domain name. In today’s highly competitive business world almost every transaction happens online. In short if you do not own a website, then your business does not exist for your customers who search for you online. Needless to say, nothing is more important. Than giving your businesses a step in the right direction by picking the perfect domain name for your website. Here are some important rules to follow to ensure that you pick the right domain name.

1. Unique Name

Your domain name is a important part of your organization’s identity. Hence it is important that you make sure that your domain name is as unique as your organization.

Never select a domain name that could be easily confused with a competitor’s website or could a different company all together; ensure that your domain name is unique. Try to avoid pluralization if your actual name is already taken. This will only lead to lost traffic for you and a potential higher bounce rate due to people landing on your site accidentally.

2. Easy to remember

Short and sweet is the name of the game here. The more letters and words that make up your domain name , the higher the odds that someone will get it wrong or forget it. Also, make your domain name relevant to your business so that it is easy to remember.

3. Use a domain tool

You could use the free domain name suggestion tool at This tool can suggest some quality potential domain names for your review.

4. Avoid copyright infringement

Never use a trademarked or copyrighted phrase for your domain name in order to ensure that your business does not run into any legal disputes eventually.

5. Keyword relevant

In the past, having at least one of your keywords in your domain name was of key importance, however, due to the Google EMD update, this is an outdated rule. The Google EMD update – short for Exact Match Domain – is a filter that Google launched in 2012 to ensure that sites were not receiving elevated search result rankings simply because their domain name included a relevant keyword. It is still a good idea to theme your domain name around a relevant keyword, as it will give first time visitors an immediate idea as to what exactly does your company have to offer.

6. Write it and read repeatedly before purchasing

The best thing about a domain name is that it’s yours forever (as long as you keep renewing by making prompt payments). However the only thing not so good about domain name is that you can’t change it once you register it.

Avoid a typo error by writing your potential domain name out and reading it repeatedly before making the purchase.

7. Avoid punctuation and numbers

Punctuation is confusing. Most reputable URLs are plain text and putting in a hyphen is only going to increase your chances of losing traffic to other sites; after all people are used to typing plain text in the URL bar. Also, avoid numbers whenever possible – though there may be an understandable exception to the rule if your business name includes a number.

8. Buy other similar domains and use it as redirects

When you consider the investment you have already made in your organization, Rs.600 a year a domain name costs is nothing. Protect your brand and capture all potentially misdirected traffic by also purchasing the domains that are similar to your actual domain name.

9. Be direct

There are certain phrases or words that are bound to draw people in but unless they’re your target audience, all the traffic in the world won’t make a difference. Make sure that your domain name is to the point and direct about who you are and/ or what it is that you provide.

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